KP 2018 Color Trends

Color trend predictions for 2018 are popping up everywhere. From the fashion industry to the construction sector, we are surrounded by a variety of shades. Pantone released...

6 Tips to Help You Choose a Vinyl Siding Color

KP offers 50+ vinyl siding color choices, let us help you decide with our handy infographic of 6 Tips to Help You Choose a Vinyl Siding Color.

Your home’s color journey with vinyl siding

Deciding to makeover the exterior of your home is a big decision, it’s a complex process that requires careful planning and it all begins with color. The colors you choose...

Blue Siding – A Classic and Trending Color

Check out the Trending Mystic Blue and Ocean Color for Siding If you are looking for a versatile color for your home, blue siding fits the bill. Working well in different...

Color Inspiration – Trending

Accent your home with “Perfection”

Accent your home with “Perfection”

So many of us are drawn to the rustic charm of wood shingles, however when it comes to the maintenance behind it, not so much. We love the warmth and natural organic feeling wood shingles give a home but having to paint every few years will surely be a headache, not...

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Color Inspiration – Tips & Guides

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