Elevate the Look of your Home Exterior

Looking to elevate the look of your home exterior?  Try these easy tips to get the boost you need: Front door Updating your front door, either by replacing it or painting...

10 No-Fail Vinyl Siding Color Combinations

Ten Vinyl Siding Color Combinations Choosing exterior vinyl siding colors that cater to your personal tastes and work for your home’s style and architecture can be a quite...

Make a statement with your backyard

Backyard barbecues, cold drinks at dusk, a good book, and a glass of iced tea … summer is here and the livin’ is easy! It’s that time of year when homeowners are busy...

Winter-ready tips!

As the days get shorter and the air a little cooler, we can all feel the winter season drawing near. You know what that means! It’s time to start preparing our home for that...

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Vinyl Siding vs. Brick

Vinyl Siding vs. Brick

Vinyl siding is the number one choice of remodelers, builders and homeowners. Used alone or in combination with other exterior…

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Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Today’s vinyl siding offers all the characteristics and charm of wood siding without the maintenance worries, rotting, splitting…

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