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    Item # Select
    KP 2016 Product info guide KPPGFY-10 selected
    KP Corporate flyer KPCB-UO6A selected
    KP Presentation folder KPFD-06 selected
    KP Vinyl general warranty KPW_General/06 selected
    KP Distributor binder KPDB-06 selected
    KP Banner KP-BN06 selected
    KP Distributor Credibility Piece KP-SPB07 selected
    KP Aluminum Trim Coil Color Selector KPALCS-06 selected

    Adirondack Log Siding

    Item # Select
    Adirondack Wall Board KPADRWB selected
    Adirondack 1 Page Flyer KPADRFY selected


    Item # Select
    Ashbury Brochure KPABFY selected
    Ashbury Wall Board KPABWB selected
    Ashbury Fandeck KPABCF selected
    Ashbury Bifold KPABSK selected

    Ashbury Insulated

    Item # Select
    Ashbury i/s Brochure KPABISFY selected
    Ashbury i/s Wall Board KPABISWB selected
    Ashbury i/s Sample Case KPABISSK selected
    Ashbury i/s Warranty ASHBWRTY selected


    Item # Select
    Dakota 4-page brochure (NEW) KPDKFY-06 selected
    Dakota bifold D4/DL4 (Updated) KPDKFE4-06 selected
    Dakota sample folder D5/DL5 (Updated) KPDKFE5-06 selected
    Dakota wall board (Updated) KPDKWB-06 selected

    Hudson Bay

    Item # Select
    Hudson Bay 4-page brochure KPHBYFY-06 selected
    Hudson Bay sample folder D4/D4DL KPHBYFE4-06 selected
    Hudson Bay sample folder D5/D5DL KPHBYFE5-06 selected
    Hudson Bay sample folder D4/D5DL KPHBYFED-06 selected
    Husdon Bay wall board KPHBWB-06 selected

    KP Color Fandeck

    Item # Select
    KP Multi-Product fandeck KP-MPCF selected
    KP Dakota Fandeck (updated) KP-DKCF-16 selected
    KP Maxim Fandeck KP-MXCF selected
    KP Maxim XL Plus Fandeck KP-MXLCF-16 selected
    KP Norman Rockwell fandeck (with Manor) KP-NRCF selected
    KP Hudson Bay fandeck KP-HBCF selected
    KP TrimFX 4-page brochure KPFXFY-06 selected
    KP TrimFX wall board KPFXWB-06 selected
    KP Trim box KPTRBX-06 selected

    KP SpectraShield

    Item # Select
    SpectraShield Brochure (NEW) SPECTRA-16A selected


    Item # Select
    Maxim XL 4-page brochure (NEW) KPMXFY-06 selected
    Maxim XL Bifold (updated) KPMXSC-06 selected
    Maxim XL wall board KPMXWB-06 selected
    Maxim XL Plus 4-page brochure (NEW) KPMXLFY-06 selected
    Maxim XL Plus Sample Case KPMXXLPLSC-16 selected
    Maxim Beaded bifold (updated) KPMXFR-16 selected
    Maxim B&B 4-page brochure KPMBBY-06 selected
    Maxim B&B Bifold KPMBBFE-06 selected
    Maxim B&B wall board KPMBBWB-06 selected

    Norman Rockwell - ColorGuard

    Item # Select
    N Rockwell 8-page brochure (NEW) KPNRFY-06 selected
    N Rockwell Trifold (NEW) KPNORMROCKBR16A selected
    N Rockwell warranty KPNRW-06 selected
    N Rockwell wall board (with Manor) KPNRWB-06 selected

    Northern Star

    Item # Select
    N Star 4-page brochure KPNSFY-06 selected
    N Star Rustic 4-page brochure KPNSRFY-06 selected
    N Star Trifold (NEW) KPNSSC-06 selected
    N Star wall board KPNSWB-06 selected

    Perfection Shingles and Shakes

    Item # Select
    Perfection Shingles brochure KPPSFY-06 selected
    Perfection Shake Trifold KPPSFE-16 selected
    Perfection Shingle warranty KPPSWR-06 selected
    Perfection Shingles wall board (D7) KPPSWB-06 selected
    Perfection Shingles wall board (S7) KPPSWBS7-06 selected
    Perfection Shingles Fan Deck KPPSCF-06 selected


    Item # Select
    KP Soffit 4-page brochure KPSFY selected
    KP I-Span Soffit Bag KPISBG-06 selected
    I Span Soffit box KPISFBX-06 selected
    T4 WG soffit Box KPT4SFBX-06 selected
    D5 WG soffit Box KPWGSFBX-06 selected
    Beaded Soffit box KPBSFBX-06 selected
    I Span Wall Board KPISWB selected