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Show Your Clients What Their Vinyl Siding Colors Will Look Like Using Home Designer 2.0

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You’re doing a new build or exterior home makeover for a client, and your client has wisely chosen vinyl siding as their exterior finish of choice — now it’s time to choose the vinyl siding colors.

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Mountains over beautiful blue lake showing KP River Rock siding color
Be Inspired!
There is no limit to color options with our vinyl siding technology, so nothing is keeping you from finding your perfect color.

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Enhancing the Dakota® color offering!

At KP Vinyl Siding, we take pride in being at the forefront of the vinyl siding industry with both technology and design.  That’s why we are so excited for this announcement! WE HAVE ENHANCED THE DAKOTA® COLOR OFFERING! The new colors, featuring our SpectraShield™...

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Explore Your Dark Side

America has some bold homeowners these days exploring their dark side; dark colors that is. They are taking notice of their neighbor’s curb appeal with dark vinyl siding and these style-conscious homeowners want in. So what brought this on? With the onset of online...

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Accent your home with “Perfection”

So many of us are drawn to the rustic charm of wood shingles, however when it comes to the maintenance behind it, not so much. We love the warmth and natural organic feeling wood shingles give a home but having to paint every few years will surely be a headache, not...

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