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Vinyl Siding vs. Brick

Vinyl siding is the number one choice of remodelers, builders and homeowners. Used alone or in combination with other exterior…

Surprising Benefits of Insulated Siding

Like most homeowners, you’re concerned with how your house looks to people…

Vinyl is the Most Widely Used Exterior for New Homes

Vinyl is the most common exterior wall material used in homes…

Siding with Vinyl: Facts and Information

We often receive questions about the properties, performance…

Home Design & Technology

What siding will we choose? What color do we want? Do we like the look of lap siding or board and batten? With all the...

Farmhouse Style Siding

If you were to travel coast to coast, it wouldn’t take long to discover the different housing styles in America....

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Tradition meets modern innovation: New Urbanism

What is New Urbanism? The New Urbanism movement has been around since the 1980s however is has seen significant growth in the past few years. Why has interest shifted? Awareness for one. As new generations, which are much more eco-conscious, are becoming first time...

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OSHA’s strict new silica standards

In a recent ruling by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association), new (and stricter) guidelines have been put in place to protect the health of contractors who engage in activities that create silica dust (respirable crystalline silica).  Inhaling silica has...

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The American Ranch

Fashion isn’t the only place where trends make a comeback. As it turns out, some architectural home styles also go through similar cycles. The American Ranch is a perfect example. An American favorite in the 50’s, this home style experienced a major decline in...

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